OCS inventory allows the gathering process of the software and hardware stocktaking from all the devices active on the network, such as PC, switch, routers, network printers and neglected devices.


  • Provides information about the corresponding stock. Designed to bring to the system or network administrator the track of the computer and software configuration installed on the network. Part of the information gathered here.
  • Deployment system with high reach that allows the distribution and installation of software and scripts in computers without overloading the network.
  • Web console administration.
  • It supports multiple operative systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, * BSD, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, MacOS X.
  • Three covered architecture using the current standards, HTT / HTTPS data format
  • The service is accessible through the SOAP web interface
  • Support plugins through the API
  • Network exploration
  • Synchronizes with GLPI